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Rose Theater


Gorgeous both sonically and visually, Rose Theater utilizes ambitious elements such as a retractable concert shell ceiling and a sophisticated acoustical curtain and banner system to help tailor the sound quality of the hall for individual performances.

About the Venue

The theater features eleven movable on-stage seating towers, allowing for a variety of seating configurations. These towers can be linked in a gentle curve on stage to create a "theater-in-the-round", or they can be stored against the back wall, making way for a traditional proscenium stage. For additional versatility, Rose Theater features an orchestra pit on an adjustable lift that rises to two additional levels, either providing extra audience seating or extending the stage itself.

Able to accommodate live performances such as jazz concerts, opera, theater, symphonies and dance, Rose Theater is ideal for a virtually endless variety of events, from performances to presentations, from film screenings to award ceremonies. It was designed with the audience in mind­­­­—with three tiers, the furthest seat is no more than 90 feet from the stage. Each level features beautiful wood veneer boxes for seating that offers a special experience. The theater is topped by attractive lit diamonds with adjustable colors, which can be used to create a specific atmosphere or ambience. For receptions and seated dinners, catering is provided by Great Performances, one of New York's finest caterers and Frederick P. Rose Hall's exclusive catering partner.

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