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Visiting Presenter - The Appel Room

SAMAA presents Indo-Jazz Festival

Melodic Intersect
Parul Dance Carnatica Jazz

SAMAA presents Indo Jazz Festival: a union between the two most improvisational genres of music, creating a transcendental experience of music and dance without borders.  

Melodic Intersect: Their New album “Looking forward” Officially been included in this year's Grammy Ballot for best World Music Album. It has charted for the last 15 weeks on top 10 including 8 Weeks at #1 in Radio charts.

Artists: Hidayat Khan (sitar, vocal), Enayat Hossain (tabla), Greg Hatza (piano), Joy Islam (guitar),  Fred Koch (saxophone), Avirodh Sharma(world percussion).


“..an ensemble congregating musicians from different backgrounds to create a sound that is unique, with a strong world flavor; Khan’s solo builds intensity, with qucik lines and flurries, he leads the ensemble into a climax that is musically satisfying and leads to an ending statement” –All about Jazz

“..cohesive and empathetic ensemble; exquisite interpretations of melody, harmony, and rhythm.” -thejazzworld

“high level of improvisation, so is able to blend jazz and Indian music so successfully. An unusual, complex and moving music.” -rambles

“.music is as imaginative as it is meditative and totally transcending. Puts out some hell’a sexy sounds here.” -sputnickmusic

“..their destination is serenity, but how they arrive there is an uncharted path. Creates a plush landscape, which stimulates the aural sensors.”-seattlepi

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Parul Dance Company: Parul Shah is an internationally acclaimed Kathak dancer and choreographer whose work is expanding the classical medium beyond cultural boundaries. With a dedication to excellence, Parul preserves the form’s aesthetic integrity while developing a unique and powerful vocabulary. She will be joined by Mike Lukshis (tabla), Trina Basu (violin), Amali Premawardhana (cello).

 “… danced a “Chasing Shadows” solo that brought the house down. Her sources are splendidly hybrid: contemporary dance, the Kathak technique of north India, the female temple-court artists of south India.”
Alastair Macaulay, NYTimes

“..a young Indian Classical dancer whose strong edge and respect for tradition add up to an exciting appeal with a difference. Rarely has the idea of tradition as a springboard for innovation been presented so persuasively.”
Anna Kisselgoff,  NYTimes

“…virtuosically rhythmic turns of the traditional genre alternated with an entirely modern, often expressionist, use of the torso and limbs.”- NY Times

“…an internal dialogue about tradition and modernity, as well as a statement of the resilience of women.”- NY Times

Dance link

Jazz Carnatica: Indian Carantic music seamlessly integrated with Jazz. Top release of NPR’s New  Sounds in 2014.  Arun Ramaumurthy Trio: Arun Ramamurthy(violin), Sameer Gupta (drums), Rashaan Carter (bass).

“…beautiful, exotic, ear-opening listening experience” -All about Jazz

 “…..a captivating and inspirational listening experience, worthy of the highest recommendation for multicultural music collections.” -Midwest Book Review

"...Ramamurthy's violin more than anything makes the connection between India and America clear." -SomethingElse

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