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Varis Leichtman Studio

A Fan's Guide to Jazz (201)

Week Two: The Young Musical Style Is Radically Overhauled and Expanded: The Birth of the Solo, The Birth of the Big Band, The National Growth of Jazz

Can’t commit to a full course? Single classes are now available at Swing University for $35 each (fees may apply).

In Week Two, we look at how Jazz moved from a local style of New Orleans into a national phenomenon, and how other cities came to help define and develop the growth of this music. As we look at how Jazz grew and developed, we’ll also look at some of the artists who helped drive that, including Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet, Bix Beiderbecke, Don Redman, and many more.

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Frederick P. Rose Hall, 5th floor

Broadway and 60th Street


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$35 per person