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Rose Theater 2020-2021

Redman, Mehldau, McBride, Blade

A MoodSwing Reunion

What To Expect

  • Four jazz greats reunite to perform music from their seminal Moodswing album, which was a hit with both hardcore jazz fans and casual listeners alike when it debuted in 1994.
  • Relatable compositions and outstanding performances, with a chance to hear how a classic album—and the artists who created it—have matured and evolved.

“A recording that speaks eloquently to the connoisseur and the casual listener alike.” – Chicago Tribune

Jazz titans Joshua Redman, Brad Mehldau, Christian McBride, and Brian Blade released the landmark Moodswing when they were still in their mid-20s. Now, 26 years later, they’re reuniting as a bona fide supergroup, each having become one of the most respected and successful players, composers, and bandleaders in modern jazz.

In the liner notes for the Moodswing album, bandleader Redman explains the concept of the record: “Jazz is about feeling, communication, honesty, and soul. Jazz is not supposed to boggle the mind. Jazz is meant to enrich the spirit… Jazz is for your heart. Jazz moves you… I just want one thing to be known: Every composition on this recording exists to evoke a mood."

Indeed, each piece provides its own distinct energy for the musicians to explore. From the soulful swing of “Rejoice” and the cool, mid-tempo groove of “Chill” to the funky bustle of “Headin’ Home” and the charging, heavy vamps of “Obsession,” these songs are perfect vehicles for group interplay and individual spotlights, all guided by a strong sense of feeling.

Whether you’re already a fan of these musicians or someone looking for a convincing entry point to jazz, don’t miss the chance to hear four of today’s top stars revisit this classic record after decades of growth and musical exploration.

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