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Feb 17 - 23, 2020



Varis Leichtman Studio

Jelly Roll Morton and New Orleans Jazz: Week Three

New Orleans Jazz Moves Out

By the 1920s, many Jazz musicians had traveled to cities in the North and the West, perhaps most famously Chicago. During tonight’s class, we’ll explore some of these early innovators, listen to their recordings—some of Jazz’s first—and follow Jelly Roll Morton into some of his first recorded musical moments.

Dizzy's Club

Monday Nights with WBGO: Freddy Cole Songs for Lovers

Referred to as a “national treasure” by the Huffington Post, jazz pianist and singer Freddy Cole is a prolific artist of undisputed pedigree. Amongst the greatest contemporary crooners, Cole’s sensitivity and effortlessly powerful delivery make him an enduring favorite and a perfect fit to get in the mood for Valentine’s Day. His return to Dizzy’s Club is extra special this year, as he’ll be joined by his son Lionel, showing that sometimes it really does run in the family!

Varis Leichtman Studio

The Life and Music of Duke Ellington: Week Three

Dramatis personæ- The Ellingtonians

It has often been written that Duke Ellington’s primary instrument was the orchestra itself, and his ensemble is famed for highly skilled, unique, and long-serving musicians. Tonight we’ll learn more about them and their incalculable contributions to the orchestra.

Dizzy's Club

Elio Villafranca & The Jass Syncopators: Life Stories

Cuban-born pianist Elio Villafranca is known for his inventive and ambitious projects that fuse Western jazz with a cross-continental array of influences, including an extensive breadth of percussion and Latin rhythms. Villafranca is often featured in The Appel Room, and tonight’s performance is a great opportunity to catch him while he’s back in our most intimate venue.

Dizzy's Club

Late Night Session: Julian Lee

With saxophonist Julian Lee.

Varis Leichtman Studio

The Past and Present of South African Jazz: Week Three

South Africa’s Exiles

In South Africa, the 1960s opened with one of its most horrifying moments: the Sharpeville Massacre, in which a demonstration against pass laws resulted in police opening fire on unarmed protestors, killing many. As the decade progressed, controls and restrictions on musicians tightened further, leading many artists to leave South Africa for Europe and America.

Varis Leichtman Studio

Jazz 101: Week Three

The Jazz Age

In its earliest days, one of the most crucial cities for Jazz’s development was Chicago, as masters like King Oliver and Louis Armstrong set up shop in the Windy City and set the world alight with their music. At the same time, Jazz musicians see the rising ballroom dance craze, and get on the bandwagon by form dance orchestras heralding the birth of the big bands!

The Appel Room 2019-2020 Season

Herlin Riley Presents: Sounds of Cuba and New Orleans

New Orleans drummer extraordinaire Herlin Riley explores the ways in which Latin jazz intersects with the sounds of his hometown. Featuring Cuban percussion genius Pedrito Martinez, prolific trumpeter (and fellow New Orleanian) Nicholas Payton, New York's lively, go-to bassist Russell Hall, and special guests Yusa on vocals, Oscar Rossignoli on piano, and spoken word artists Chuck Perkins and Indio Melendez, the event will showcase classic New Orleans repertoire reimagined and spiced up with Cuban music traditions.

Dizzy's Club

Marilyn Maye

Singer, actress, and living legend Marilyn Maye is the “Queen of Cabaret,” an iconic entertainer whom Ella Fitzgerald famously praised as one of her favorite singers. She’s shared the stage with artists like Count Basie and Charlie Parker, and she appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson an unprecedented 76 times.  She now returns to Dizzy’s Club for a run that’s likely to sell out in advance.

Feb 17 - 23, 2020