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Feb 17, 2020



Varis Leichtman Studio

Jelly Roll Morton and New Orleans Jazz: Week Three

New Orleans Jazz Moves Out

By the 1920s, many Jazz musicians had traveled to cities in the North and the West, perhaps most famously Chicago. During tonight’s class, we’ll explore some of these early innovators, listen to their recordings—some of Jazz’s first—and follow Jelly Roll Morton into some of his first recorded musical moments.

Dizzy's Club

Monday Nights with WBGO: Freddy Cole Songs for Lovers

Referred to as a “national treasure” by the Huffington Post, jazz pianist and singer Freddy Cole is a prolific artist of undisputed pedigree. Amongst the greatest contemporary crooners, Cole’s sensitivity and effortlessly powerful delivery make him an enduring favorite and a perfect fit to get in the mood for Valentine’s Day. His return to Dizzy’s Club is extra special this year, as he’ll be joined by his son Lionel, showing that sometimes it really does run in the family!

Feb 17, 2020