Dizzy's Club

Matthew Shipp Trio

“Signature” Album Release

With pianist Matthew Shipp, bassist Michael Bisio, and drummer Newman Taylor Baker.

Singular pianist Matthew Shipp returns with his trio to celebrate the release of the group’s anticipated new album, Signature. Shipp is a daring composer and improviser who is well-versed in jazz tradition and theory but also draws from the world of contemporary classical music, leaning towards a modern dissonance that ranges from playful to aggressive. The ensuing moments of clarity and resolution in his music make it all-the-more stirring thanks to this thoughtful contrast. Tonight’s trio, featuring his regular bandmates Michael Bisio and Newman Taylor Baker, promises a powerful and unpredictable journey through sound that must be heard—and felt—to be understood. Shipp’s music respectfully challenges the listener but also makes it impossible to turn away, resulting in a uniquely rewarding and engaging experience for the audience.

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