Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola

Jazztopad Festival Presents: Maciej Obara Quartet

Presented in Partnership with the Polish Cultural Institute of New York

Saxophonist and composer Maciej Obara returns to Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola as part of the annual Jazztopad Festival, which brings some of Poland’s most profound musicians to New York. Though Obara serves as the group’s primary composer, he notes that his themes “serve as outlines, from which our sound is set free… It’s more like composing in real time.” The Obara Quartet has been extremely successful with this approach, creating unforgettable musical journeys both live in concert and on record, as heard on their 2017 debut album on ECM. The material ranges from slow and sentimental to boldly frenetic, always held together by highly reactive and technically stunning musicianship. Obara’s group features fellow Polish musician, pianist Dominik Wania, and two of Norway’s most in-demand players, Ole Morten Vagan and Gard Nilssen.

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