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Allen Lowe: A Love Supine: A Dixieland Love Supreme

With alto saxophonist, composer and arranger Allen Lowe; trumpeter Randy Sandke; tenor saxophonists James Brandon Lewis and Nicole Glover; trombonist Frank Lacy; guitarist and banjo player Ray Suhy; baritone saxophonist Lisa Parrot; trombonist Brian Simontacchi; pianist Lewis Porter; bassist Kevin Ray; drummer Carolyn Castellano; clarinetists Aaron Johnson and Paul Austerlitz; and tuba player Christopher Meeder

This concert is the world premiere of a new project led by saxophonist, composer, and arranger Allen Lowe. A Love Supine: A Dixieland Love Supreme is an unconventional suite of music celebrating the breadth of John Coltrane’s influence on the fundamental sound of jazz. Coltrane’s restoration of modality, his stretching of tonal tolerance, and his acceptance of dissonance as a necessary component of group sound and improvisation had a transformative effect on jazz, and this program is Lowe’s “act of atonement for not only failing to appreciate Coltrane sufficiently, but also for not initially understanding his complex relationship with modernism and American root sounds.” The show will feature a wide range of contemporary musicians who, by the nature of their experiences and deep knowledge of jazz performance, challenge the very notion of narrow musical “schools” and show that a modernist in jazz is, by any other name, a complex sum of very diverse musical parts. A few examples of what to expect: the eponymous “A Love Supine,” described by Lowe as a “Dixieland version of John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme, a map of early jazz modernism and the hidden history of the mainstream avant-garde;” a Dixieland one-step composed on the notorious chord changes of Coltrane’s “Giant Steps;” a ragtime piece dedicated to Joseph Lamb; a New Orleans-style funeral march; some “Ellington-esque” ballads; a piece of “Southern Dixie whimsy” reflecting on the Monroe Incident; and a sequel to Lowe’s “March of the Vipers,” originally recorded 25 years ago at The Knitting Factory. Not many musicians could bring a musical vision like this to life, but Lowe is sure to deliver, so catch this show while it’s here for one night only!
It’s also worth noting that many people take issue with the term “Dixieland.” Here’s what Lowe has to say on the matter: "Dixieland is a dead music which we celebrate in all of its dormant glory. The contrapuntal wonders of New Orleans have been buried over the years in the sheen of revivalism, which has tended to substitute the expected for the mysterious. We hope to change this."

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