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Franklin Kiermyer: Scatter The Atoms That Remain

With drummer Franklin Kiermyer, tenor saxophonist Jovan Alexandre, pianist Davis Whitfield, and bassist Otto Gardner

“Few musicians approach the music from the same spiritual wellspring that ‘Trane did… Fiery, the musical equivalent of a perfect storm: It explodes and takes you for a ride. The playing is superb.” – MTV

“Drummer Franklin Kiermyer is that rare jazzman–blessed with the ecstatic quality of his free-bop attack.” – Rolling Stone

Drummer Frank Kiermyer offers a sense of shared catharsis through music that is at once majestic, ferocious, and relatable. When music writers are tasked with describing Kiermyer, the words “ecstasy” and “ecstatic” appear almost predictably, but sometimes a word is just right. Kiermyer’s “Scatter The Atoms That Remain” quartet channels the kind of beautiful, disciplined intensity exemplified by late John Coltrane and explosive hard boppers like Billy Harper. Stop by Dizzy’s tonight and live in the moment. This type of universal, non-denominational spirituality simply feels good.

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