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Frank Carlberg Large Ensemble: Monk Dreams, Hallucinations, and Nightmares

With trumpeters and flugelhorn players Jonathan Powell, Kirk Knuffke, John Carlson, Dave Smith; trombonists Alan Ferber, Chris Washburne, Brian Drye, Max Seigel; woodwind players John O’Gallagher, Jeremy Udden, Adam Kolker, Sam Sadigursky, Brian Landrus; vocalist Christine Correa; pianist Frank Carlberg; bassist Johannes Weidenmüller; drummer Michael Sarin; and conductor JC Sanford

Monk Dreams, Hallucinations, and Nightmares is not intended as a Thelonious Monk tribute album, but rather, as composer and pianist Frank Carlberg describes it, as “a celebration of the beauty and vitality of his music.” Carlberg takes a unique approach to engaging with Monk’s iconic music; aside from ‘”Round Midnight,” Carlberg’s pieces are new compositions, not Monk arrangements, and yet Monk’s tunes are directly quoted and paraphrased throughout. This affords listeners an opportunity to enjoy hints and momentary exclamations from the Monk originals they love, while at the same time experiencing something brand new—hence the dreamlike quality for those familiar with Monk’s work. Artists often include such allusions, and even quotations, of masterworks from previous generations in their respective mediums, but it’s rewarding to experience it in such a direct fashion, literally hearing the inspiration and the result as one. This is music “in the orbit of Monk… infected by, informed by, in awe of Monk.”

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