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Syncopated Leadership

A team building workshop
using lessons from jazz improvisation


The most successful companies rely on creative, high performing teams. Teams that work with a collaborative rhythm, in which individuals bring their unique contributions to a group effort and share a common vision and commitment. Teams where leadership is passed back and forth amongst members as the moment requires; where accountability, mutual trust and encouragement are greater than any political agenda; where decision making is shared, conflict resolved quickly, and communication is open and clear.

When it works, the results are magical.

The Syncopated Leadershop workshop can help your team create an environment that nurtures and supports extraordinary team performance.

"After a long day of presentations and demonstrations, the jalc.org program was the perfect activity to end the first day of our sales kick-off. It was fun and offered the finest entertainment with Eli Yamin's jazz band wonderful music. Most importantly, it underscored the importance of everyone playing a key role in the team, while at the same time bringing your best talent forward. Being attuned to each other, letting each team member shine and playing to a team rhythm makes the difference between a good outcome and a stellar one. Thanks for illuminating so well with this thoughtful exercise, our theme and objectives for 2014 -- All in!"

Alina Urdaneta

Siemens Hearing Instruments, Inc.

Vice President, Marketing & Education