The Bronx Pyramid

Carlos Henriquez’s THE BRONX PYRAMID marks the Bronx-born, Nuyorican bassist’s first album as a leader—and the emergence of a fully fledged Latin jazz master. Backed by an all-star roster of musicians, Henriquez expertly blends modern jazz with Latin rhythms: tracks like “The Bronx Pyramid” with special guest percussionist Pedrito Martinez and “Descarga Entre Amigos” featuring vocals from Rubén Blades demonstrate why he’s been performing with greats like Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri, and Celia Cruz since he was 14. On THE BRONX PYRAMID, Henriquez expertly combines the best of the Latin and jazz traditions into an infectious album that will make you move no matter your favorite genre.


1. The Bronx Pyramid feat. Pedrito Martinez
2. Cuchifrito
3. Descarga Entre Amigos feat. Rubén Blades
4. Joshua’s Dream 
5. Guarajazz 
6. Promesas
7. 9 O’Clock Bomba
8. Al Fin Te Vi
9. Nilda
10. Brook Ave
11. Eye of the Gemini (iTunes bonus track)

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Carlos Henriquez on THE BRONX PYRAMID


DESCARGA ENTRE AMIGOS - Carlos Henriquez feat. Rubén Blades


THE BRONX PYRAMID - Carlos Henriquez feat. Pedrito Martinez

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