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Ertegun Atrium


Notable for its welcoming ambiance and magnificent views, the Ertegun Atrium is the largest open space available in Frederick P. Rose Hall. Intended to serve as the facility's main public lobby, the Ertegun Atrium is also finely suited to handle a comprehensive assortment of events.


About the Venue

Thanks to the east-facing windows, patrons are afforded sweeping views of the city that are bathed in a healthy measure of natural light. Ideal for receptions and cocktail events, the Ertegun Atrium can be rented independently or in conjunction with other Frederick P. Rose Hall venues. Catering is provided by Great Performances, one of New York's finest caterers, and Frederick P. Rose Hall's exclusive catering partner.

Rental Information

Technical Drawings

Ground Plan

Full detailed ground plan of entire room.

  • PDF (updated 11/22/15)


Lighting Plot

Plot of lighting equipment rep hang, with rigging point layout, ceiling detail and 6th floor outline.

  • PDF (updated 11/22/15)


Full Set of Ertegun Atrium Drawings

  • PDF (updated 11/22/15)
  • VW (updated 11/22/15)
  • DWG (updated 11/22/15)


Lighting Paperwork

  • PDF (updated 12/03/15)
  • LW5 (updated 12/03/15)
  • LW4 (updated 12/03/15)