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Radio Shows

Title JALC Radio - The Music of Ethel Waters
Airdate 06/05/2014
Description Michael Feinstein is not just a cabaret singer --he's one of the foremost observers of American popular song – and he says that Ethel Waters’ singing style is so much a part of contemporary music that we take it for granted.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Keeping the Tenor Flame
Season 12, Episode 12
Airdate 09/23/2012
Description Music has the power to cross borders and transcend languages. And sometimes, it has the power to change lives…consider how profoundly a record by pianist Teddy Wilson inspired a Japanese teenager living in China in 1946. That teenager – Toshiko Akiyoshi -- is now an 82-year-old bebop master. She is a powerful pianist and resourceful composer, one who also pulled off a rare feat -- she and her husband Lew Tabackin co-founded a successful big band during the 1970s, at a time when the music industry had given up on the sound.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Benny Goodman Centennial
Season 17, Episode 13
Airdate 12/24/2009
Description The story begins with music lessons in his local synagogue, and a stint in a boys club band, from there, he started playing gigs in his hometown of Chicago at the tender age of fourteen.. just twelve years later, in 1935, he was hailed as everything from "The King of Swing" and "The Rajah of Rhythm" to "The Professor" and "The Patriarch of the Clarinet".
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Modern Jazz Quartet
Season 19, Episode 8
Airdate 11/17/2011
Description In 1952, with jazz still under the spell of Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie, a new kind of jazz group -- featuring no horns and no headlining soloist -- was born.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - "The Joint Is Jumpin'" -- Celebrating Fats Waller
Airdate 11/11/2010
Description He may have been the most extravagantly outsized talent in jazz-- a great pianist, composer of hit songs, raconteur, and bandleader. In a golden age of American entertainment, Fats Waller was an all-around star.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Philadelphia: More From the City of Brotherly Jazz
Season 4, Episode 4
Airdate 10/16/2008
Description While Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, and the New York scene took center stage in the early history of bebop, postwar Philadelphia was also a major proving ground for the new music. With audacious compositions and fresh solo styles, young men like Benny Golson, the Heath Brothers, Lee Morgan, Philly Joe Jones, Cal Massey, and a quiet music student by the name of John Coltrane, brought the new language of bebop into the clubs that dotted Columbia Avenue.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Yes He Did: Irvin Mayfield and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra
Season 16, Episode 29
Airdate 04/16/2009
Description When Hurricane Katrina washed out New Orleans, it silenced the music. Patrons were gone, clubs were shuttered, musicians dispersed, and it looked for a time as if the storm might have drowned the city’s musical life. But musicians, many of them, have come back, and the heart of the Crescent City marches to a syncopated beat.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Essentially Ellington
Season 16, Episode 30
Airdate 04/30/2009
Description The Essentially Ellington competition and festival are central to Jazz at Lincoln Center’s mission to educate American youth about jazz. The competing high school bands get the opportunity to perform Ellington charts before esteemed judges. Listen to the finalist perform for the 2009 competition.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce