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Radio Shows

Title JALC Radio - Singers Over Manhattan
Season 17, Episode 52
Airdate 09/23/2010
Description Four singers -- Sachal Vasandani, Jennifer Sanon, Karrin Allyson, and Carla Cook -- let us know what today's jazz singing is all about.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Distilling the Blues: Count Basie's Matchless Ear
Season 17, Episode 51
Airdate 09/16/2010
Description Though he rarely wrote down a note on paper, Count Basie created one of the singular big band sounds. He didn't compose a lot, but in his sure hands, a simple riff-based tune could become a blues band masterpiece. "Rhythmically intoxicating and lean," said writer Stanley Dance. Even as his arrangements grew more elaborate in the 50s, Basie never lost his ear for distilling a song to its essentials.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Lee Konitz and Paul Motian
Season 17, Episode 48
Airdate 08/26/2010
Description Few embrace the spontaneity of Jazz improvisation as fully as Lee Konitz and Paul Motian.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Jazz & Art II
Season 17, Episode 46
Airdate 08/12/2010
Description Have you ever wondered if there is a connection between Jazz music and visual art? Join Chris Crenshaw, Vincent Gardner, Tim Armacost, Papo Vasquez, Doug Wamble, Sherman Irby, and Bill Frisell as they explore the many ways of translating the moods of famous paintings into song.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Para Los Rhumberos: Gillespie to Puente
Season 17, Episode 41
Airdate 07/08/2010
Description Though Dizzy Gillespie was born in rural South Carolina and Tito Puente grew up in Spanish Harlem, the two shared a rare ability. Each man mastered the wide range of jazz harmony and the intricate rhythms of Cuba. Inspired by the Cuban born musicians Mario Bauza and ‘Machito,’ Gillespie and Puente brought new sounds and rhythms into jazz.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - The Band as Family: Blakey, Silver, and Adderley
Season 17, Episode 39
Airdate 06/24/2010
Description The music of Art Blakey, Horace Silver and Cannonball Adderley in the hands of drummer Kenny Washington, saxman Wessell Anderson and the last living member of the 1959 Cannonball Adderley Quintet - drummer Louis Hayes.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Wynton Marsalis: Quintet and Orchestra
Season 17, Episode 37
Airdate 06/10/2010
Description Many ways to tell the history of jazz is to count the number of players on the band stand. Brass bands, dance bands, little combos -- every ensemble was built to fit its musical space, from the street to the dance hall to the jook joint. Listen to Wynton Marsalis traverse these spaces effortlessly.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - The Best of Blue Note Records: 70th Anniversary Celebration
Season 17, Episode 35
Airdate 05/27/2010
Description Joe Lovano, Dianne Reeves, and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra celebrate the 70th anniversary of Blue Note Records, perhaps the most important record label in Jazz history.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce