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Radio Shows

Title JALC Radio - Rags, Strides, and Stomps
Season 16, Episode 23
Airdate 02/26/2009
Description Pianists Marcus Roberts, Jonathan Batiste, and Aaron Diehl explore the under-appreciated piano compositions of the early Twentieth century.

Title JALC Radio - Wynton with Strings
Season 16, Episode 19
Airdate 02/05/2009
Description Wynton Marsalis revisits the famed “Hot House Flowers” and “Standard Time Volume Five… Midnight Blues” material with his quintet and a chamber orchestra.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Lionel Loueke & Richard Bona
Season 18, Episode 18
Airdate 01/22/2009
Description They are musical dreamers from West Africa --- composers, singers and instrumental virtuosos – remarkably original musicians who have caught the attention and the imagination of the jazz world.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Jazz Guitar/Django Reinhardt -- Charlie Christian
Season 17, Episode 17
Airdate 01/15/2009
Description Similar backgrounds…if continents apart; similarly foreshortened lives…of two men similar in their guitar genius…
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Ahmad Jamal: Thinking Orchestrally
Season 16, Episode 15
Airdate 01/01/2009
Description Ahmad Jamal first gained fame and fortune for his trio recordings of the late 50s. But he doesn’t care to be thought of as a trio player. Whether his ensemble is small or large, Jamal thinks “orchestrally.”
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Kings of Crescent City
Season 16, Episode 10
Airdate 11/27/2008
Description New Orleans, the land of dreams, at the mouth of the Mississippi River. It’s the home town of jazz in America – where Slaves’ Field hollers. Spirituals , blues, Afro –Latin rhythms and ragtime all came together in the music we call jazz,
Hosted by Wycliffe Gordon

Title JALC Radio - Tap Meets Flamenco
Season 16, Episode 11
Airdate 11/16/2008
Description When pianist Jelly Roll Morton famously discussed the “Spanish tinge” in jazz, he was referring to the range of Afro Latin rhythms. But jazz pianist Chano Dominguez) – who grew up with flamenco in southwestern Spain – casts his music with a truly Spanish tinge. Dominguez has attracted the attention of Wynton Marsalis, who had found “flamenco jazz” captivating, but very challenging to play. So he commissioned a new work from Dominguez.
Hosted by Carla Cook

Title JALC Radio - Todo Tango: Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra with Arturo O'Farrill
Season 16, Episode 7
Airdate 11/06/2008
Description Bassist Pablo Aslan joins Arturo O’Farrill, with the Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra for a heady, hearty set at the House of Swing.
Hosted by Carla Cook