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Radio Shows

Title JALC Radio - "The Joint Is Jumpin'" -- Celebrating Fats Waller
Airdate 11/11/2010
Description He may have been the most extravagantly outsized talent in jazz-- a great pianist, composer of hit songs, raconteur, and bandleader. In a golden age of American entertainment, Fats Waller was an all-around star.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Enchantment at Dizzy's
Season 18, Episode 4
Airdate 10/21/2010
Description ENCHANTMENT : TO BE FILLED WITH DELIGHT, TO BE UNDER A SPELL. Listen to Ettienne Charles, Regina Carter, and Stefon Harris cast a spell on Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola.
Hosted by Carla Cook

Title Time Remembered: The Music of Bill Evans
Season 18, Episode 1
Airdate 09/30/2010
Description Composer George Russell and his wife nicknamed pianist Bill Evans “the minister.” Gaunt and bookish, Evans didn’t quite look or sound like a typical 50s jazz musician.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Growing Up in the 70s: Chestnut, McBride, Malone
Season 17, Episode 23
Airdate 03/04/2010
Description Christian McBride, Russell Malone, and Cyrus Chestnut demonstrate that growing up in the 70s, despite its view as the Dark Ages of Jazz, was an inspiring time to be an aspiring Jazz musician.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Masters of the Mallets: Bobby Hutcherson, Joe Locke & Stefon Harris
Season 17, Episode 21
Airdate 02/18/2010
Description It appeared as far back as 2000 BC in Asia -- and thousands of miles away in Africa. By the 1800's, it had arrived in European parlors, and not long after it would appear with the orchestra. In the 20th century, like so much else, the xylophone became 'electrified' and the vibraphone was born. Listen to three modern masters of the instruments: Bobby Hutcherson, Joe Locke, and Stefon Harris.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Frank Foster: Songs of Romance: and Young Composers
Season 17, Episode 20
Airdate 02/11/2010
Description When the attraction pales, music helps us endure the other side of romance – the bitter and the bittersweet. To explore both sides of this legacy, arranger and composer Frank Foster joins with singers Marlena Shaw and Dennis Rowland, the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra and two remarkable young artists -- Erica von Kleist and Kurt Bacher.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Paquito d'Rivera: Afro-Cuban Fiesta
Season 17, Episode 18
Airdate 01/28/2010
Description Grammy award winning clarinetist Paquito D'Rivera wanted to honor the Filin movement, as well as other icons of Cuban music - from Afro-Cuban religious chants, to guarachas, to rumbas. So he curated a concert that he said would be "like a little journey" through the musical styles of his homeland.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce

Title JALC Radio - Danilo Perez: Panamonk Revisited
Season 17, Episode 16
Airdate 01/14/2010
Description He's played with Wayne Shorter, Dizzy Gillespie, and Paquito D'Rivera, but over the years, the Panama-born and raised pianist Danilo Perez is perhaps best known for his association with a jazz master he never actually met: Thelonious Sphere Monk.
Hosted by Wendell Pierce