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Varis Leichtman Studio

Monk's Mood: The Life of Monk

Week Four: Monk and the Saxophonists - Hawkins, Griffin, Rollins, Coltrane, Rouse and Lacy

Can’t commit to a full course? Single classes are now available at Swing University for $35 each (fees may apply).

Please note that the 4/23 class will take place at the Juilliard School of Music. Please email swingu@jazz.org, if you have not already registered for the class or a single ticket, to ensure that your name is on the security list for class tonight.

The very special relationship between Monk and tenor saxophonists Coleman Hawkins, Johnny Griffin, Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane, Charlie Rouse, and soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy will be the focus of this class—which will serve as a listening party for students. Monk’s style of comping will be analyzed. Famous anecdotes, such as the instance in which Monk held the father of the tenor saxophone, Hawkins, and the legendary Coltrane, accountable to their own greatness and problem-solving prowess, will be shared to give insight into Monk’s approach as a leader among leaders.

See the full course series here: https://academy.jazz.org/swing-university-spring-2018

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Frederick P. Rose Hall, 5th floor

Broadway and 60th Street


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$35 per person