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Feb 27 - Mar 5, 2017



Varis Leichtman Studio

Jazz 201 with Ben Young

Week Five: Jazz’s Economic Life: Looking at Jazz Through Its Economic Ebb and Flow 1946-2017

In the Swing Era, Jazz became the popular music of the day, reaching a level of popularity it had not seen prior to, or since, that moment. What happened to Jazz’s popularity after the Swing Era?

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William Paterson University Big Band and Ensembles

The William Paterson University Department of Music, the Jazz Studies Program is unique among college programs for its emphasis on small-group playing. The 7:30pm set features the Orchestra, and the 9:30pm set features various small ensembles, so you can pick your preference or make a full night out of two unique shows.

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A Gotham Kings Mardi Gras Celebration

Riley Mulherkar and Alphonso Horne co-lead our Mardi Gras celebration for the second year in a row. With special Mardi Gras drinks on the menu, the club will be in good spirits for this special occasion.

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LATE NIGHT SESSION: Barry Stephenson

With bassist Barry Stephenson, trumpeter Wayne Tucker, saxophonist Patrick Bartley, pianist Mathis Picard, and drummer Savannah Harris

Varis Leichtman Studio

Jazz 101 with Seton Hawkins

Week Four: The Swing Era

The Swing Era heralded Jazz’s place as the pop music of the day, and some of its finest artists—Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Woody Herman, and more—were also its megastars. But what was the music they were creating? 

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Nicole Henry: A Time for Love

Nicole Henry has established herself as one of the jazz world’s most acclaimed vocalists and has captivated audiences in over 15 countries.

The Appel Room

Dave Douglas Metamorphosis

Trumpeter and composer Dave Douglas is a versatile and powerful performer of improvised music. His output as a bandleader is one of the most eclectic in history, featuring dozens of unique groups. Metamorphosis marks a bold new conceptual approach to organizing music for improvisers and features an all-star gallery of legendary voices. For this special engagement, Douglas has enlisted some of the most influential modern improvisers, many of them Douglas’ own heroes: trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith, saxophonist Oliver Lake, drummer Andrew Cyrille, guitarist Marc Ribot, pianist Myra Melford, bassist Mark Dresser, and percussionist Susie Ibarra.

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Donald Brown, Ray Drummond, Marvin “Smitty” Smith, and Bobby Watson

Remembering James Williams and Mulgrew Miller

Pianist Donald Brown, bassist Ray Drummond, drummer Marvin “Smitty” Smith, and alto saxophonist Bobby Watson come together to remember James Williams and Mulgrew Miller.

Rose Theater

Eddie Palmieri: Celebrating 80 Years

Eddie Palmieri is an incomparable performer and bandleader of some of the most energetic concerts in Jazz at Lincoln Center's history. This season, the NEA Jazz Master and nine-time Grammy Award-winner continues his fast-paced career in Rose Theater for an 80th birthday blowout. One of the finest pianists of the past 50 years, Palmieri is a bandleader, arranger, and composer known for skillfully fusing complex jazz harmonies with the rhythms of his Puerto Rican heritage and of various Afro-Latin and Afro-Caribbean fusions.

Varis Leichtman Studio

Charles Mingus, with Jack Walrath

Week Three: Charles Mingus the Innovator

In the third class, Jack will share from his personal experiences the lessons he learned from Mingus, exploring his new compositional tools, arranging techniques, and overall philosophy of music and society. 

Feb 27 - Mar 5, 2017